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Work from home office survival kit

The GoodJob Team | June 17, 2020

Congrats! You got a remote job! But you’ve never had a remote job before and aren’t sure what you need. Let’s talk about a few things you’ll want for your home office before your first day.

1. Designated Work Space

This could be a guest room, a corner of your bedroom, a space at the kitchen table, wherever you feel comfortable. It needs to be somewhere distraction free! Or at least as distraction free as possible.

2. Desk

Depending on where your office is located in your home, this might not be as much of an issue – say if you’re sitting at your kitchen table. But maybe you’re in the market for one. A regular desk of most any size will serve just fine, but there are tons of options for what might suit you. Standing desks are a popular but often pricey option. However you can find cheaper versions that sit on top of desks/tables you already have. If you’ve picked a comfy chair or couch, you might look into different lap desks.

3. Chair

If you’re going to be sitting for most of your day, you’ll want something supportive. You can buy cushions to put on most any surface and turn something you already own into a more supportive chair during work hours. Whether that be a bar stool, a couch, or a porch chair! If looking for a new chair, try looking into gaming chairs first — they’re designed for heavy use.

4. Sound

It’s good practice to have a pair of headphones nearby in case your speakers fail or you have unexpected interruptions. Like your dog barking at the UPS truck!

5. Lighting

This is hard to control at most office spaces, so enjoy customizing your lighting to your preferences, whether it’s a dark, cool room or blinding fluorescents. If you’re going to be on camera often, think like a photographer. You don’t want direct light on your face or any jarring light source. Natural light is best, but a desk lamp works too.

6. Make It Personal

Have a spot for your blanket or sweater, house shoes, or whatever’s going to help you be most comfortable at your desk. Take advantage of the freedom to diffuse your favorite oils, have your favorite piece of art hanging above your computer, or keep a snack within arm’s reach without having to bring enough to share with the whole office. It’s all about you.

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