Two female and one male co-worker smile as they review material at the office.

Happy employees: How GoodJob can help you find the right fit

The GoodJob Team | January 28, 2023

In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies are constantly striving to improve their hiring and HR processes. With the abundance of job-seeking platforms, recruiting tools, and job candidates, it’s easier than ever to find potential employees. However, these tools do not necessarily focus on what will make those employees happy and successful in a role. Many companies still struggle with ensuring their employees are happy and productive in their roles.

A recent study found that 1 in 5 workers are unhappy in their job. This not only affects the individual employee’s satisfaction and motivation, but it also has a ripple effect on the productivity and morale of the entire team. When employees are in the wrong job, it leads to frustration, demotivation, and an unproductive workplace.

So how do companies ensure they have the right person in the right job? The traditional approach of relying on resumes and interviews can only provide so much insight into a candidate’s qualifications and potential work behaviors. Personality testing has become more popular in recent years, but it hasn’t necessarily improved job matches or made it easier for managers to assign roles. Most of these assessments test for the wrong things or use questionable logic to analyze responses.

At GoodJob, we understand the importance of finding the right job fit for both candidates and employers. That’s why we’ve developed the PATH Assessment®, a revolutionary tool that reimagines the hiring process. Our assessment helps both candidates and employers get it right the first time by providing deeper insights into the candidate’s behavioral characteristics and how they align with the role and company culture.

Our PATH Assessment® is designed to identify the key personality traits that predict job performance and match them with the requirements of the role and company culture. This means employers can make more informed and confident hiring decisions, leading to a thriving workplace with happy and productive employees. With GoodJob’s PATH Assessment®, you can find the right fit for your company and ensure that your employees are happy and productive in their roles. Learn more about the PATH Assessment® today and see the difference for yourself!