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Top 5 free online personality tests

The GoodJob Team | April 8, 2020

If you’re looking to understand yourself better, especially in ways that can improve your approach to relationships and your career, you might start with online personality tests.

Luckily, there are a number of research-based, free assessments you can use right now to get information about yourself — and help inform your social and professional decisions. Here are 5 of the best free online personality tests:

1. PATH Assessment

GoodJob’s PATH Assessment is based on 30 years of data science and behavioral studies, and assesses personality based on career traits and behaviors, including your unique Purpose, Approach, Thinking, and Habits.

The assessment leverages established research in the field of higher education, and combines it with other personality tests in order to craft more specific, accurate results. In fact, there’s less than a 1-in-1 billion chance of getting the same results as someone else!

2. MBTI/16 Personalities

Long before we had online personality tests, psychoanalyst Carl Jung speculated about personality types, particularly the concepts of introversion and extroversion.

Many of the personality tests you’ll find today are based on Jung’s research and ideas, but also use outside influences to create their own unique testing rubrics and determine outcomes.

The most popular personality test that draws heavily from Jungian psychology is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test.

While the official, MBTI-branded version of the test is paid, there is a free version available that many people find to be just as helpful: the 16 Personality Types test.

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3. TestColor

The free TestColor personality test is also based on Jungian ideas, and predicts personality based on your color preferences.

Though some may find it nonsensical, the tests are created by a “team of clinical psychologists, psychoanalysts, and mathematicians” using a number of different studies as references.

4. DiSC

DiSC Assessments are a very popular tool during career searches, and are often used by recruiters to match candidates with jobs. They’re focused on workplace preferences and behaviors, and measure your Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness to determine what career path might work best for you.

For example, if you’re a “D” type, you’re likely direct, success-driven, and enjoy taking charge, and would do well as a CEO, police officer, or lawyer. If you’re an “Si” type, you likely value peace and harmony and might consider becoming a counselor, teacher, or therapist.

You can also take other free versions of the DiSC assessment at Crystal Knows and 123test.

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5. Berkeley Emotional Intelligence Test

This emotional intelligence test measures your ability to detect and identify the emotions of others based on facial expressions.

This is a good way to assess how in tune you are with the people around you, which is important for both personal and professional relationships. If you have difficulty reading facial expressions, you might misinterpret others more easily.


Whether you want to measure how introverted or extroverted you are, decide what career would be best for you, discover what motivates you, or just have a little fun while you learn about yourself, there are plenty of online personality tests available for you.

While each of these assessments may differ in approach, every one of them provides key insights that you can use to further your self-understanding, reflect on your personal relationships, and explore your career options.

Ready to learn more about your work style?

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