Disrupting a 100-Year-Old Hiring Process

GoodJob’s assessment focuses on identifying traits and behaviors that predict job performance, rather than just relying on skills and experience.

Increasing Retention Means Hiring Differently.

We hear you. You feel frustrated because you are losing employees and stuck in a cycle that keeps delivering the same results. At GoodJob, eliminate the cycle by leveraging a psychology-backed approach to hiring that delivers success. With our hiring software, you get to smile as you place people in the right roles, retain top performers, and build a thriving team.

GoodJob’s Comprehensive Approach

Guessing who to hire and how to keep good employees is not a strategy. Using psychology-backed, forward-looking analysis to save time, energy, and money is.


We believe in having a complete, holistic perspective of your team that leverages resume points with profound psychological insights.

Computer displaying profiles of multiple employee candidates with PATH results


We help you place and keep the right people in the right seats using accurate data that builds a predictive model for employee success.

A Sustainable PATH to Success

GoodJob’s methodology is built on creating a repeatable process for success. We solve your hiring and retention problems by identifying the success behaviors for every role within your organization. Use our proven PATH Assessment® and Job Role DNA™ to make clear, confident hiring and retention decisions every time.

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Woman smiling while shaking hands at a job interview

Permanently Reimagine the Hiring Cycle

Hiring based only on resumes is lacking. GoodJob provides deeper understanding of an individual, fusing technology with psychology to give you work-related insights on how a candidate performs. We believe you should know the most about your candidates without extending your resources or hiring cycle. With GoodJob, you focus on what matters and leave the rest to science.

Save Time and Reduce Churn with GoodJob