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A guaranteed behavioral model for hiring success.

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We hear your problems loud and clear.

Exhaustion from sifting through endless resumes

Costly recruiting

Lack of results from using personality tests to screen candidates

Confusion from your current hiring software

Frustrated or disengaged employees

High number of resignations

Turn 200 Uncertain Applications Into 10 Winners

Eliminate the challenges in your hiring process with GoodJob— the tool that screens candidates against your top performers’ traits and behaviors.

GoodJob’s Problem-Solving Solution

PATH Assessment® + Job Role DNA™

Imagine if you could reduce hiring costs, know which candidates will succeed in their roles, and create an efficient workplace— all at once.

GoodJob accomplishes this by combining over 40 years of deep research around hiring, workplace success, and behavior psychology into a single software.

Our science-backed algorithm surfaces high-performing talent to the top of your resume stack by analyzing the candidate’s PATH Assessment® and comparing it to your company’s Job Role DNA™.

PATH Assessment®

Our proprietary PATH Assessment® analyzes four key areas of a person’s psychology: Purpose, Approach, Thinking, and Habits. In only nine minutes, you will identify your current top performers’ core traits and behaviors so that you know exactly what to look for in new recruits.

Job Role DNA™

The combined data from your employees’ PATH Assessment® results create your Job Role DNA™. This details the dominant workplace traits and characteristics in your organization, narrowing it down to a specific department or particular role.

Benefits of using GoodJob

Accelerated Hiring Cycle

Fully Integrated with your ATS

Improved Employee Retention

Valuable Insights about your team

Reduce bias

Recruit With Confidence— Better, Faster, Clearer

Hiring isn’t a guessing game with GoodJob; it’s a science. Easier, predictable hiring gives you the ability to keep adding rock stars to your team time and time again.

Happy Workplaces Create High-Performing Teams

GoodJob’s software creates a better workplace for everyone. It makes hiring decision-makers easier and ensures current employees will work effectively with new recruits. This is a workplace where everyone feels engaged and happy.

A Thriving Business Starts With the
Right People