Hire and Retain the Right Employees

Our patented Job Role DNA™ helps you identify the unique behaviors that determine success in a role and select candidates who match that behavior profile. Whether analyzing your current team or looking for a new member to join your organization, Job Role DNA™ provides a blueprint for success, for every role.

Build a Strong Team

Job Role DNA™ is created for each unique role in your organization, based on the employees performing in the role today. Have a rockstar team? Create Job Role DNA™ based on their successful behaviors and find more rockstars to join the team.

Graphic of DNA Helix with different PATH traits surrounding the DNA

A Sustainable Hiring Process

Today’s hiring process is flawed and inconsistent. Let us help you shorten and focus it. GoodJob’s unique Job Role DNA™ unlocks your organization to finding the right candidates for your open roles. We help you hire based on the unique traits and behaviors that make someone successful in a role, over a static list of their achievements and experiences.

Narrow your candidate pool from 300 to 10. You only interview the top matches for your role, and we provide you with the information to validate those success behaviors during the hiring process.

Hire Faster. Hire with Confidence.

Shorten your hiring process by laser-focusing on the candidates who will be most successful in their roles.

Graphic of laptop with candidate profile information with PATH results