A Job Role DNA™ success story

The GoodJob Team | November 21, 2022

By Nellie LeMonier, GoodJob Chief Product Officer

Selecting the right employee from hundreds of applicants is a daunting process, one that is time-consuming and exhausting. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to chart this territory alone!

In my first 100 days as GoodJob’s new Chief Product Officer, my biggest accomplishment was finding and hiring a team of rockstar employees. In today’s market, hiring one team member can be challenging, and hiring multiple new team members is exponentially harder. I hired five. How did I do it? I used GoodJob’s Job Role DNA.

For my Product Manager position, I advertised the opening on LinkedIn and had 300 candidates in three days! Now what? That was definitely too many people to interview. They were all qualified, but how could I learn if they were a good fit? I created Job Role DNA for the Product Management role to determine the key traits and behaviors I was looking for in my Product Manager. I used GoodJob to invite the 300 applicants to quickly take the PATH Assessment. The PATH results, when paired with Job Role DNA, clearly identified the top 20 candidates that I should interview, which was much more manageable than 300!

I repeated the same process for the Designer and Engineering roles. The process was so straightforward that I ended up hiring a team of five who all started the same week and are now happily working at GoodJob. I love my new team and am excited for us to bring our amazing vision to the world of hiring!

I used GoodJob’s PATH Assessment with Job Role DNA to revolutionize my hiring process. Job Role DNA accelerated the process by instinctively matching me with candidates who possess the workplace strengths I wanted. As a result, I quickly and confidently recruited a dynamic team of employees using data science and technology at GoodJob to modernize workplace management practices.

How the PATH Assessment and Job Role DNA Simplifies Your Hiring Process

Most applicants are qualified, or they wouldn’t be applying for the job. GoodJob’s Job Role DNA makes the applicant selection process smoother and more streamlined. Maybe even for the first time, Job Role DNA will give you the confidence your new hire will be the right fit for your company after the interview.

The PATH Assessment Helps Employers Identify Positive Work Traits in Applicants

The PATH Assessment is an online tool employers use to improve hiring and retention practices by understanding employee traits and behaviors. The PATH Assessment helps employers identify an applicant’s Purpose, Approach, Thinking, and Habits as it relates to the workplace. These qualities can be difficult, if not impossible, to identify in a resume or application. PATH differs from other behavioral assessments by identifying positive work behaviors rather than making generalized observations about behavioral traits. It’s quick and easy to administer and provides a clear understanding of an applicant’s work style.

Job Role DNA Makes Applicant Selection Easier

Once you have used the PATH Assessment to identify the work behaviors of applicants, the next step is to match applicants to the traits you’re looking for. Do you want someone who is a self-starter? Someone who can work independently? Some qualities are universal in any good employee. Other qualities will vary depending on the specific position and your company values. Knowing exactly what you’re looking for in your next employee is the most fundamental question to ask when selecting the right talent for your organization. How are you expected to know what qualities you want a new hire to possess?

The answer lies with the current high achievers in your organization. These employees set the tone for the rest of the workforce. We realize it’s essential to find job applicants who can reproduce the same results. Previously, there was no surefire way to guarantee that every new hire would be a star performer, but now, with GoodJob and our Job Role DNA, you can bet on finding candidates who will reach their expected potential.

When onboarded with GoodJob, you’ll first use the PATH Assessment to measure your high performers’ workplace behaviors. Job Role DNA then works in synchronicity with the PATH Assessment to match applicants’ PATH results to the traits of these high-caliber employees. This narrows down the applicant pool tremendously, helping you find the ideal candidate who will be the perfect fit for your organization.

Easy as 1-2-3

Using GoodJob and Job Role DNA is a simple 3-step process:

Post a job opening and use GoodJob’s PATH Assessment to identify applicants’ workplace strengths.
GoodJob’s Job Role DNA matches applicants’ PATH Assessment results to the workplace traits and behaviors of the highest achievers in your organization.
Job Role DNA significantly narrows down your applicant pool to the candidates most likely to match the culture and momentum of your top-performing employees, saving you time and making the selection process more efficient and less stressful.

Let our intuitive technology streamline the recruitment process and expedite your hiring decisions!

Get the Most out of GoodJob with Job Role DNA

As an employer or a manager making hiring decisions, using GoodJob as part of your hiring process unlocks valuable insights about your current team and new candidates. The PATH Assessment tells you about a candidate’s workplace behaviors and traits, and Job Role DNA matches you with candidates who will be most successful in your organization based on the traits you want for a role. Be confident that you’re hiring the best candidates for each position, and save time and money by finding them quickly. If you’re looking for a hiring platform to help you make the best hiring and retention decisions for your business, look no further than GoodJob and Job Role DNA. Get started with us today!