Increase Retention

Get the right people in the right job for good.

What You Are Facing: A Hiring Gamble

  • Each failed hire costs organizations $24k per year
  • 46% of new hires fail within first 18 months
  • $20k+ per hire spent on “resume gambling”
  • Incomplete candidate data cost organizations billions per year

GoodJob’s Data-driven Approach Doubles the Odds

GoodJob’s data-driven approach revolutionizes hiring by doubling the odds of new hire retention in under 10 minutes. Our behavioral assessments provide a unique analysis of each candidate’s traits and behaviors, predicting their potential success within your organization. By understanding what makes your team and culture unique, we create a tailored approach to hiring, resulting in candidates who are the perfect fit for your organization. Companies using GoodJob experience significant increased retention rates.

Why Organizations Love GoodJob



new hire retention

real time

Hire in Days

not weeks


Increase DEI

through unbiased candidate matching



current employees are in the right roles



integration into current hiring process

Break the Cycle of Poor Retention