GoodJob Secures $3M in Funding: Hiring AI company eyes nationwide expansion.

The GoodJob Team | January 28, 2021

January 27, 2021 

BIRMINGHAM, ALA – GoodJob today announced that it has raised $3M to fuel marketing and sales efforts in major markets across the U.S. 

Finding the right candidates has become even more difficult in a remote-first environment where traditional job boards deliver resumes by the pound. GoodJob is transforming the recruiting industry by using psychology and data science to cut through the clutter to improve time-to-hire and retention rates by quickly identifying the right candidates. 

The company launched its web and mobile apps in June of 2020, primarily targeting the Birmingham, Ala. market. “Birmingham has been an ideal jumping-off point for us,” says CEO Stephen D. Johnston. “We’ve gotten great feedback from clients here that we’ve used to improve the product for a national audience.”

The two most popular tools for companies have been the vetting feature, which uses GoodJob’s machine-learning AI to quickly sort and filter candidates in a company’s pipeline and spot the best matches, and the PATH Assessment®, which allows companies to “clone” their top performers.

“GoodJob’s solution is ideal for today’s market. Prior to an interview and without introducing bias, employers can quickly assess a candidate’s fit on the front end of the hiring process.” said Johnston. “This approach allows companies to spend time only on candidates who have a high probability of success, which significantly impacts hiring efficiency, especially as companies move to no-touch hiring practices.”

GoodJob for Candidates is available now in the App Store and Google Play. GoodJob for Employers is available online at

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