African American Female and Asian male co-worker collaborate together at a computer desk in an office while both happily smile.

Create a more inclusive workplace: Using GoodJob’s tools to help reduce bias in hiring

The GoodJob Team | February 3, 2023

As an employer, creating a culture that values and respects all employees, regardless of their background or identity, is crucial. However, ensuring that your workplace is truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive can be a challenge. At GoodJob, we understand the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and have developed tools to help employers reduce bias in the hiring process.

One way that our product helps with DEI is by reducing bias in the candidate pool. Bias can appear when employers first narrow down the pool of candidates, and it can continue to be introduced with each round of the hiring process. With GoodJob, all candidates take the same PATH Assessment® up front and then are selected into the candidate pool based on their assessment results. This ensures the candidate pool is inclusive and unbiased, giving all candidates an equal chance to be considered for the role.

Another way our product helps with DEI is by assessing people’s work behaviors rather than their experience. We believe the best indicator of how someone will perform in a role is their behavior, not their experience. By assessing behaviors, we can ensure that all candidates are evaluated based on their ability to perform the role, rather than their name, the school they went to, their ethnicity, or where they worked.

In conclusion, GoodJob helps employers with DEI by reducing bias in the candidate pool, assessing people’s work behaviors, and providing employers with the tools they need to identify their dominant work-related traits and behaviors. By using GoodJob’s tools and approaches, employers can create a more inclusive and equitable workplace that values and respects all employees.