Six things to consider when hosting a virtual holiday party

The GoodJob Team | December 2, 2020

I think we can all agree 2020 has been a year of unprecedented changes. But there’s still so much to celebrate this year – like your team’s flexibility and hard work! With things still unpredictable, we’re gearing up for our own virtual holiday party at GoodJob! Here are 6 thoughts we found helpful when planning ours:

1. Spread the word!

Make it fun, but don’t overthink it! Send out an invitation ahead of time with expectations for the party. Encourage everyone to dress the part and wear their best holiday garb. Remind people to Zoom near their twinkling lights, dogs in pajamas, or anything festive that changes up their day-to-day Zoom backgrounds. This is about team building and getting to know each other. The sillier the better!

2. Set the Mood

Create a party playlist to send out to the team ahead of time so they can get into the holiday spirit in the days leading up to the party! Spotify has tons of great holiday playlists ready to go. (You can’t go wrong with the Classics or the Hits, or become an honorary GoodJob team member with our “It’s a GoodJob Life” playlist!) If you really want to make it a cozy get together, send out links for everyone to set up a roaring (virtual) fire while the party’s happening (here and here are some good ones, but don’t forget our fav).

3. Get Real!

This is a perfect opportunity to connect and socialize! Have you heard a coworker’s dog bark occasionally in the background of a meeting? Notice a cool art print or interesting plant? Or do you really want to get to know the team and have them all show off the oddest item in their fridge or pantry? Scavenger hunts, ice breaker questions, virtual party outfit contests — the sky’s the limit. 

Check out how people are doing Virtual Murder Mysteries and Virtual Escape Rooms, or kick it old school with a classic Scavenger Hunt or Icebreaker Questions!

The Happiness Research Institute states that returning to “play” is a major contribution to overall happiness.

2020 has been an incredibly difficult year, so what better way to relax with the team than a fun craft? Send the supplies ahead of time, and you’re sure to get some good laughs as everyone shows off their DIY masterpieces! Gingerbread house kits, cookie decorating, stocking decorating, ornament making, etc. 

4. Send Out a Party Box

Sending something physical to the team will help make everyone feel like it’s really a party. You could include props for a Zoom photo booth, team swag, materials for a team DIY project (see above), or a fun stocking stuffer like fuzzy socks. You can’t go wrong including something edible, a drink or drink mix, and festive decor. Make sure everyone knows not to open it until party time!

5. And On That Note…

DON’T FORGET THE FOOD! Snack it up with gourmet popcorn, mixed nuts, chocolate, candy canes, s’more ingredients, Chex mix, or Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes (if you can find them!). You can even have GrubHub or Uber Eats deliver dinners to team members. At GoodJob, we’re across several states and will be enjoying yummy snacks with our cocktails. (Don’t forget to check for team member allergies and dietary restrictions.)

6. To Gift or Not to Gift

This year our team is doing Secret Santa! The earlier you start organizing, the better. We’re going to open them up on camera during our party. Some other thoughts could be ornament exchanges, white elephant gifts, or adopting a child or family as a team for the holidays. 

If gifts aren’t your thing, you can always do something like a virtual office potluck with a “Family Cookbook” recipe swap. What better way to try out someone else’s famous chili (or best bread recipe)!

And lastly, as the host, don’t forget to call out the team’s accomplishments for this year. 2020 has been a crazy year! Staying focused, meeting goals, and showing up every day is a huge accomplishment. Have the team have their beverage of choice ready to toast! And don’t forget to snap a screenshot of your team, props encouraged! 🙂

We want to celebrate with you! Share your virtual party on social with #goodjobparty for a collective celebration! 

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