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Break the Cycle of Hiring Mistakes

Many organizations struggle with the compounding problem of repeatedly making wrong hires, leading to a cycle of frustration and inefficiency, as well as an ongoing retention problem. Our hiring process not only attracts top talent but also improves employee retention rates by matching candidate traits and behaviors with your company culture. With the PATH Assessment®, employees can build their Job Role DNA™, creating better team cohesion and a more fulfilling work environment right from the start. By hiring candidates who align with your company values, you can reduce turnover rates and build a happier, more productive workforce. Say goodbye to the cycle of the wrong hires and hello to a more effective and enjoyable hiring process with GoodJob.
PATH wheel with four main characteristics of Purpose, Approach, Habits and Thinking

PATH Assessment®

Today’s hiring process begins with reviewing resumes, which is time-consuming and limiting. Our 9-minute, one-time PATH Assessment® shifts the focus from resumes and enables quick application filtering based on psychology, not just skills on a piece of paper.

We focus on work traits and behaviors, identifying the candidates who will succeed in your role before you start reading resumes.

Job Role DNA™

Your employees’ PATH Assessment® results build your Job Role DNA™ and generate a predictive model of success for every job role, ensuring the right hire every time. Create your Job Role DNA™ based on top performers in a specific position, and build a high-performing team.

Strand of DNA showing how PATH results blend together with Purpose, Approach, Thinking, and Habits.

Keep Inclusivity at the Forefront

Our behavioral assessments enable you to build a more diverse and inclusive team, reducing biases and creating a more welcoming work environment for everyone. Say goodbye to hiring for the sake of filling a role and hello to a more effective and equitable hiring process. By assessing a candidate’s traits and behaviors, we ensure a perfect fit for your role, resulting in not only loyal, effective, and happy employees, but also a workforce that reflects your company’s commitment to DE&I.

Crack the Code to Employee Retention

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Right People

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Right Job

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